Why Your Real Estate Agent Is Doing Social Media Wrong

Dated: February 5 2016

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Why Your Real Estate Agent is Doing Social Media Wrong

Social media is more than just sharing updates and pictures of food.  It’s an extremely powerful tool, that if used correctly could be a catalyst for any business.  In the world of real estate where first impressions are everything, it’s import for agents to understand that social media isn’t just a tool to half heardetly use but rather a driving force for new, old and current business. If you’re looking for or currently with an agent, many times their social media habits reflect their business habits.  Technology is moving at an extremely high rate and it’s important that your agent is keeping up with all of the latest updates and trends.  Not only will you be able to buy or sale your home quicker and more efficiently but it could also save you money in the long run.  So what exactly should you be looking for? Well we put together a list of Why your real estate agent is doing social media wrong. See how many of these faux pas look familiar.



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They’re Not Creating Business Pages

It’s alarming how many agents are not separating their business pages from their personal pages.  An agent who mixes both their work content with their personal content not only gives an ire of unprofessional-ism, it can also lead to loss clients and revenue.  Many times we find agents that post and share political content or questionable photos.  Clients who hold you to a certain standard can be easily turned-off.  They last thing you want to see when logging onto Facebook is your agent posting insulting memes of a political or religeous beliefs you hold.  Make sure your agent is separating business from pleasure.

What They Should Be Doing

Agents should have both a personal page as well as a business page.  Listings, events and relevant content should be shared on the business page while all other type of content can be relegated to the personal page.  Another bonus to having a business page is the ability to tag business to business in posts.  The function to tag a personal page from a business page is not possible which means potential lost exposure from other companies looking to tag the agent.


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They’re Not Promoting Posts

An agent can have 5,000 likes on their business page but this doesn’t mean that all 5,000 fans will see every post.  In fact Facebook has restricted views so much that you would be fortunate if 500 fans see every post.  Not promoting valuable posts is lost exposure, leads and revenue.  If your agent is selling your home and is relying on just posting your home on social media, more can be done.

What They Should Be Doing

Spending even $5-$10 dollars on a post can be exponentially beneficial. So the estimated 500 views from a non-promoted post can jump to 5-10, 000 depending on the targeted settings.  In fact Facebook ads are now linked with Instagram ads so agents can now double their exposure. With the surge in Instagram usage, having ads on both platforms will maximize exposure.


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They’re Not Using High Quality Photos

We see this all too often with listings.  Not only are agents being lazy and frugal by using camera phones, they are snapping pictures vertically instead of horizontally which creates bars on either side of the photo when posted. In addition to poor quality property photos, agents often time post grainy or poor quality photos of events and client photo-opts.

What They Should Be Doing

Real estate is an agent’s business. Therefore, look to see just how much they are investing into their own business. Purchasing a good DSLR camera is a sound investment.  High quality photos on social media not only creates captivating images but it also creates creates better branding and feel of credibility.


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They’re Not Creating Video Content

Sure photos are great but social media is becoming more and more videocentric.  From Facebook posts to Instagram clips, videos are becoming the norm. However, not every agent is capitalizing on video content.  This leads to less eyes on a property being sold which could cost you money because the longer your property sits the higher the chance of having to do a price reduction.

What They Should Be Doing

Not many are aware that video content on YouTube is crawled and shows up in search results. Instead of relying on other agents to stumble upon their listing, your agent should be more proactive.  At the very least create a video slide show using photos or a video walk-through of the property. Other ways your agent could be capitalizing on video are through other social channels such as Snapchat and Periscope which is great for marketing open houses.


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They’re Not Owning Hashtags

Social media hashtags are like index’s to the internet. It’s how things are found and also to see what’s popular or trending.  However, improper use of hashtags can lead to lost marketing.  Hashtagging broad or insignificant words such as #cool #seller #buy are pointless.  Sure the photos may get a ton of likes from spambots and ghost accounts but savvy online buyers and sellers cannot peruse these hashtags to buy or sell.

What They Should Be Doing

“Owning hashtags” is important. Having hashtags  that are unique are key.  This way potential buyers can search those hashtags for listings without having to sift through other useless and unrelated posts.

By now you should have a pretty good idea of the red flags to look out for in terms of social media usage.  Although not being social media savvy is not an end all-be all in terms of an agent’s efficiency. the dependability and usage of social media is only going to increase.  As the tech world grows the digital divide of those who can leverage social media and those who disregard it will increase.  As a buyer or a seller it’s up to yourself to make a sound judgement on who will receive your business.  #happysearching.

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