9 Reasons You Dont Need A Car In Philly

Dated: November 18 2015

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9 Reasons You Don’t Need a Car When Moving to Philadelphia


Center City is Very Walkable


To get to from one end of Center City to the other is not a mission. Unlike larger metropolitan cities where taxi’s, trains, and other forms of transportation is a must to get through their downtown districts, Philly is like a walk in the park.

Photo credit: Justin Wolfe / Photo / CC BY


You’re Able to Discover Hidden Gems

Photo credit: jasonlsraia / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: jasonlsraia / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Driving around Philly and you will more than likely pass by hundreds of cool boutiques, bars and restaurants.  Opting to ditch a car and travel through the city will allow you to explore businesses you never knew existed and you just may very well find a hidden gem you’ll want to rave about to your friends.


Finding Parking

In many cases Philly residents use the median for parking (Image via ohsophilly.com)

In many cases Philly residents use the median for parking (Image via ohsophilly.com)

If you have to be somewhere especially in Center City and you’re running late, forget about it.  Unless you’re extremely lucky or willing to fork over $30 bucks at a garage be prepared to circle the area trying to find a parking space.


SEPTA is 24 Hours on Weekends


Broad St. Line Image via Cazort.net

Being the 5th most populated city in America and not having 24 hour subway service was a let down for quite a while.  Fortunately SEPTA smartened up and extended their weekend eL and Broad St. line service to run 24 hours.  So matter how late you hang out on the weekends you’ll have a cheap and convenient method to home.


Car Share Programs are More Convenient Than Ever

Image via planphilly.com

Image via planphilly.com

Since their introduction to Philadelphia a little more than a decade ago, car share program usage has exploded.  Where it was once a novelty spotting reserved parking for such programs, now you can’t help but notice how they now take up most of the prime parking spots in the majority of the city’s key locations.  With affordable rates and easy accessibility car share programs are one of the main reasons why so many have decided to go carless.


Say Goodbye to Traffic

Traffic lights in center city Philadelphia Thursday, December 18, 2014. (©2014 Mark Stehle Photography)

Traffic lights in center city Philadelphia Thursday, December 18, 2014. (©2014 Mark Stehle Photography)

If you currently have to use 95 or 76 for your daily commute then this reason is pretty self explanatory.  Traffic here may not be as insane as the 405 in Los Angeles but it’s enough to make even the calmest individual develop road rage.  In fact a recent study stated that Philadelphians spend an average of 3 days in traffic over the course of a year.  Suddenly SEPTA doesn’t seem all that bad.



Bike share


 Philadelphia has finally joined the ranks of fellow East Coast cities Boston, New York & D.C and implemented a bike share program.  The new Indego (named after Independence Blue Cross) will make getting around the city ultra convenience.  With a dense number of bike stations populating the city at roughly 13 stations per square mile, there is no excuse not to use it.  Indego will be very pocket friendly at $15 a month giving the first hour away free and roughly $4 per hour thereafter.  Compare that with gas, parking expenses and maintenance and it’s money in the bank.


There’s Always Uber 


Since it came into the city in 2012 Uber has become ingrained in the Philly lingo right next to Jawn , Wawa  and Water Ice. What was once a foreign concept now has become a way of life for tons of urbanites.  Aside from Ubar other apps such as Lyft and Hail A Cab are also comparable options.  Long story short, who needs a car when you have a driver on demand?


You Don’t Have to Deal With the PPA


Image via WheretoPhilly.com

You know the situation is bad when your city’s meter maids get their own show.  The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) have a reputation of running people’s days as well as bank accounts.  Why not eliminate all chances with ever having to deal with parking tickets, towing and the occasional boot by parting ways with your ride.

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