COVID19 Life As The New Normal

Dated: April 26 2020

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Image titleThis perspective of the city simultaneously breaks and warms my heart. If this visual story had a voice, the words - love, fear, sadness, loss, tragedy, suffering, helplessness, isolation, anxiety, depression, togetherness, kindness, strength, hope and courage would flow from its lips.

Growing up in South Philly, Center City was always a world of fascination to me: Eccentric. Vibrant. Entertaining. Historic richness. Architectural beauty. Diversity. Grit. Attending The Art Institute drew open the curtains to its arts and culture. At “drinking age” (quotes, as my photo ID was ‘borrowed’ at 19), I danced in its eclectic artsy clubs and underground scenes. Day or night, the hustle and bustle of pedestrians and city sounds entertained my senses.  This “Center City world” made me feel alive. It was a world I wanted to completely submerge myself in from a young age. For the past 13+ years, I was able to live my dream of owning in the epicenter of our great city.  Engulfed in the magnificence of Center City, I have walkable access to endless discoveries and front row seats to the ever-changing environment - providing a truly exciting Life.

A Life now temporarily placed ‘On Hold’ under governing restrictions. I do so without reservation so that one day this pandemic will no longer take the last breath of a loved one, and healthcare heroes can victoriously retreat from the front lines and get a good night’s sleep. So that I can hug my family and friends again and to celebrate life events and holidays. To enjoy real-time togetherness with those whose faces I miss. To shake the hands of gloveless strangers and stand less than 6 feet in conversation, unmasked, without hesitation. To once again feel the energy of the city pulsate on my skin.

One day the world will live again. Sounds of pedestrians, cars and bicyclists will reverberate through the streets. Children’s laughter at recess will harmonize with the melodies of nature, and the trills of chatter and music will vibrate throughout parks, festivals and theaters. Cashiers will feverishly tick registers. Restaurants and lounges will clatter toasts, and galleries will paint the world back to its once vibrant hue.

We are the city. We are the whole world. Murder us with vile spit, and we will only build ourselves again and stronger, co-existing with a heightened appreciation for Real Human interaction, a kinder tongue, warmer heart, softer eyes, the value of patience and acceptance, seeing the importance to support local businesses, and taking actionable care for one another and our planet.  

I cannot go without extending my heartfelt sympathies to the families of those whose lives were taken, and thanking our healthcare heroes and service people for the sacrifices you make every day, being the nations guiding light in the face of adversity.  Your dedication, commitment and courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration.

You are all in my heart and prayers. We will get through this.  We will live again without fear. Take this time to rewind, rediscover and reconnect with all the things which bring you back to You.   

Stay Safe. Stay Strong, Stay Kind. Stay Connected.

Dawn Secreto - xo

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    u are amazing Dawn love u & miss u ---Tiffany R

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COVID19 Life As The New Normal

This perspective of the city simultaneously breaks and warms my heart. If this visual story had a voice, the words - love, fear, sadness, loss, tragedy, suffering, helplessness, isolation,,

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