4900 Spruce Street Redevelops A Parking Lot In Walnut Hill

Dated: 03/09/2019

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4900 Spruce Street Redevelops a Parking Lot in Walnut Hill. Walnut Hill is in the middle of West Philadelphia and is experiencing a huge amount of new development.  The former West Philadelphia High School is starting to be renovated into apartments and the once-vacant Croydon Hall, just north of 49th and Spruce Streets, was renovated into apartments a few years ago. Spruce Street is experiencing some of that development, near one of the neighborhood’s busiest shopping districts surrounding 48th and Spruce.  As the neighborhood continues to develop, new apartment buildings are being proposed, including one at 49th and Spruce Streets. This new building would replace a parking lot and is across St. Bernard Street from Barkan Park. This new building is being designed by JKRP Architects.

The apartment building at 4900 Spruce Street will be eight stories tall and will have 150 rental units.  The units will be a mix of studio apartments, one-bedroom apartment units, and two-bedroom apartment units.  The apartments will include a certain number of affordable units. The apartments will be on floors one through seven, and the top floor will have amenities and a roof deck surrounding it, because the top floor will be set back ten feet from the top of the seventh floor.  The lobby and entrance will be at the corner of 49th and Spruce, with forty-seven parking spaces and a large bicycle storage room in the back of the lower level. The exterior will have large windows, with light brick on the first floor, horizontal white and vertical dark gray metal panels up to the sixth floor, and dark panels surrounding the seventh floor.  The eighth amenity floor will be all glass. Large bays will extend from the front and side, clad in white metal panels.

As Walnut Hill continues to grow, the commercial area around 48th and Spruce Streets will see more retail open up in some currently vacant spaces.  Besides 4900 Spruce Street and the renovation of West Philadelphia High School, a new apartment building is being built at 46th and Spruce Streets and the large Garden Court Plaza, at 47th and Pine Streets, will likely be expanded soon.  Walnut Hill is a neighborhood on the rise.Image title

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