10 Reasons To Move To Philadelphia

Dated: November 13 2015

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In recent years Philadelphia as been garnering more and more attention as it continues to grow in both population and commerce.  More and more millennials are calling the City of Brotherly Love home and new businesses seem to be sprouting all over the city as gentrification spreads giving a new lease on life in areas of the city that have been overlooked by developers in the past.  The world seems to be noticing the change as well.  Worldwide organizations such as the World Meeting of Families chose Philly as the location to host the Pope in 2015 and the Democratic Party decided to host their 2016 convention in Philadelphia.

So what makes Philadelphia so special all of a sudden?  Well if you plan on finding out for yourself here are our top 10 Reasons to Move to Philadelphia.  If you do decide to call Philly home here is the perfect place to begin your home search.


The Food Scene


Photo credit: solsken / Photo / CC BY-NC-SA


We had to put list this reason first to set the record straight.  Don’t get us wrong,  we love our soft pretzels and cheesesteaks but the Philly food scene has evolved to much more than that.  Finger foods no longer define the dining experience in this town. Instead world class restaurants, innovation fooderies, and a phenomenal array of delicious food trucks now rule the scene.  Just about any kind of cuisine can be had in Philadelphia and on every level.  Whether it’s fine dining, casual or strictly take-out there is no limit to the variety.  So if you’re a foodie, this is the place to be.


The Music Scene

The Trocadero 1003 Arch St,. is a popular music venue in Philly Image via TheTroc.com

The Trocadero 1003 Arch St,. is a popular music venue in Philly
Image via TheTroc.com

Philly was just voted #1 !!!!! Love jazz? There are several great jazz cafes in town.  Love classical music?  Maybe the Philly POPs will peak your interest. Rock? Hip Hop? Funk? R&B? Just about every genre of music thrives within the Philly city boundaries.  From open mic nights at dive bars, hip jazz cafes bustling music halls as well as arenas, no matter the size every music fan is sure to have an awesome time in Philly.


The Youthfulness

The Graffiti Bar 124 S. 13th St. is a popular hang-out for the millennial crowd (Image via Sampanphilly.com)

The Graffiti Bar 124 S. 13th St. is a popular hang-out for the millennial crowd (Image via Sampanphilly.com)

The city’s population of 20- to 34-year-olds increased by about 100,000 from 2006 through 2012, according to U.S. Census Bureauestimates and there doesn’t look to be any signs of slowing down.  So why is this a good thing?  Well the “millennials” as they’ve been coined, have created a resurgence in venues such as bars, lounges, specialty shops etc.  More importantly these venues are popping up in areas that were once considered blighted.  Empty store fronts and shopping corridors are now flourishing with businesses that are predominantly ran by the millennial crowds.  In the long run this means a fresh new tax base as well as fresh new ideas and innovations for the city.


The Housing Market

Photo credit: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources / Source / CC BY-ND

Photo credit: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources / Source / CC BY-ND

If you ever felt like you couldn’t swing a stick without hitting a newly constructed house you’re not seeing things. Lately it seems that new houses are springing up in  just about every neighborhood in town.  According to the Pew Charitable Trusts, “In 2014, building permits were issued for more residential units than in any year since at least 1990.”  In fact 3,973 residential building permits were issued in 2014 with a total estimated value of $879 million.  So if you want to get in on this thriving housing market, you should be making relocation plans ASAP.


The Central Location

Image via heritageaction.com

Image via heritageaction.com

We understand the allure of city’s such as New York and D.C that entice transplants with their attractions as well as entertainment.  However, what wide-eyed newbies to these cities soon realize is that the cost of living is astronomical.  Often times home ownership is out of reach and even the price of goods and services can be steep. Solution? Move to Philadelphia.  With its proximity to both New York and D.C you can enjoy the economical advantages of Philly with the D.C and NYC as your backyard to play in on weekends, day trips or quick get-a-ways.


The Sports

Image courtesy of eagledelphia.com va espn.com

Image courtesy of eagledelphia.com va espn.com

Philadelphia is always at the top of every list of the best sports towns and fans. The city is just fanatical about sports.  Although it may seem as though fans take their passion overboard at times, it’s more so like an older sibling giving their younger brother or sister tough love. However, you don’t have to be a sports maniac to appreciate the dynamic atmosphere as tailgating and local sports bars provide a festive atmosphere on game days that just about anyone can enjoy.


The Arts


Arch Enemy Art Gallery (image via archenemyarts.com)

Philadelphia boasts the most murals of any city in the United States.  Philly is a hub for creative artists of all mediums to hone their craft and share it with the world.  As a Philadelphia resident, you’ll have front row seats to all the action as local artists are consistently displaying their works in events such as First Fridays, specialized exhibits as well as full blown art galas.  When it comes to the arts there is always something going on.


The Ease of Getting Around Town


The Indego Philly Bike Share Program (Image via .rideindego.com)

Not only is Philadelphia a very walkable town, popular transportation services such as Philly Carshare, Uber and the newly introduced bike share program Indego make getting around town a breeze.  In fact if you are looking to ditch your car all together and save yourself some money, Philly is the perfect place to do so.


The Beer


CNN, GQ, Huffington Post, Esquire and just about every lifestyle publication has listed Philadelphia as one of their top beer towns.  There are over two dozen breweries in and around the Philadelphia area including the oldest brewery in America, Yuengling.  So when it comes to the craft brew selection, you can easily be overwhelmed in this town.  You can only imagine the amount of craft brew and specialty beer bars and restaurants throughout the city. The hardest part will be choosing which watering hole to patronize


The Potential

CASINO Rending of the new Live! Casino & Hotel coming to the stadium district

Rending of the new Live! Casino & Hotel coming to the stadium district

Although Philadelphia is a great place to be at now, the future looks even brighter.  With the waterfront along the Delaware currently experiencing a renaissance, the Center City expansion,  the housing construction boom, as well as new entertainment venues expected to open in the next coming years, there’s never been a better time to get in.  What are you waiting for?

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